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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TRUE STORY: The Phantom Shit Slinger of Old Grange Town

We have 8 cats. Which amounts to a fair bit of cat shit produced.

Now we have, in various places around the house, 5 litter trays. While the cats are happy to use them to urinate in, they seem to prefer to shit outside. We also have a rear garden which the cats sometimes use for that purpose.

But mostly they prefer to go elsewhere. Which is probably why cats tend to be unpopular with people who have gardens but don't have cats.

A few months ago in early Spring, one of our neighbours decided to return our cats donations of recyclable material. No, they didn't knock on the door and ask us to dispose of it. Instead they carefully filled plastic bags -sandwich-size- with the cat shit and threw it over the fence which borders the back lane and into our garden. Neither did they seal the bag.

The bag of shit slung by the shit slinger sometimes lands on the lawn, sometimes gets hung on the branch of a tree or in a bush or on the path and sometimes the shit escapes the bag.

At first it was a daily occurrence as they were probably digging over their garden but has now been reduced to approximately once a week. We have an idea of who it might be but have never actually caught them at it. This is a pity as I so much want to shout out:

"Hey, it's the phantom shit slinger of Grangetown!"

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