Sunday, 18 October 2009


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Around ten last night, after a nice meal down the street with Susan and her brother's family I popped back in to see the kitten and just cuddled the poor pathetic thing for a little while.

About eight this morning I was back there to give it its various medicines, all liquid. It had eaten a fair bit of the food I'd left for it but didn't look as if it had touched the water so I gave it a couple of 10ml syringes full.

It was also in an awful looking condition. The fur on its tail was matted solid with excreta as were the backs of its hindlegs with other hard smears at various places over its body and face. I took it back down to our house and, with Susan's help, washed it thoroughly in the bath in lukewarm water and with mild shampoo. It cried a lot at first but then seemed to give up. At least we got it off though it wasn't easy. The partially-dried result is above.

A little later we got a call from a lady who specialises in helping kittens and their mothers. She advised us to put Vaseline on its bum and feed it with a mixture of rice and fish or chicken and fish as the gluten would help reduce the diarrhea. I've since given it a small amount of microwaved fish and rice mix which seems to have gone down well. A little alter when Susan arrived with the Vaseline, I picked it up and it immediately let slip over my hand. I cleaned the kitten where necessary and applied the Vaseline.

It's now curled up asleep in a cat carrier in our house away from the other cats.

Post Script

She's been back up the street and I called in after a couple of hours just to give her some fluid and a cuddle. I put a towel over my chest and lap and she climbed up so her head was just under my chin. Two hours after that, I gave her her various medicines then brought her down here and fed her chicken and rice which she gobbled down and, again, gave her a cuddle on a towel until she started leaking a bit. She's now in her cage for the night with fresh water and more chicken and rice after having anaesthetic drops on her swollen little bottom. Hopefully the new diet will do something for her digestion. She seems a sweet little thing and loves being held.

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