Sunday, 22 January 2012


Don't ask me why, I just haven't been in the mood for blogging about cat rescue. I haven't done much on my Freethinking blog either. In both cases it isn't because I didn't have anything to write about, I just couldn't get my act together. Today I'm just going to concentrate on telling you about three or four things which happened since the last post.

A couple of weeks ago, in the aftermath of my strained shoulder muscle, I'd invited Mark, a new helper at the shop, to come with me to unload cat food at Carole's and take her cat waste to the council tip. We'd just unloaded the food when Carole got a call from pet taxi Lisa who was Low Fell PDSA in Gateshead. They'd had three kittens dumped on them and needed someone to take them. Carole will always take in kittens so Mark and I went off to pick them up.

The story from the lady at the PDSA was that they'd been found in a park by someone. Now I'm not saying that someone was lying, but I've heard so many stories from people saying that the cat/kitten had just been found and wasn't theirs honest gov, that... Well, I take it with a pinch of salt and I'm sure the PDSA lady did too.

Here are the kittens.
They were all friendly and of homeable age. Indeed one was homed the next day when a nice lady rang me asking if we had any kittens. The other were gone in a week.

Less than a week later I got another call from Carole telling me that Lisa had been contacted by a man who had a mother cat and young kittens in his garden which he couldn't take care of and the council was his next option. I was round in half an hour to find the mother and kittens snug in a cat carrier. His late mother's, he said. Whatever. The cat certainly wasn't remotely feral so she'd been someone's pet.

The next few photos are of kittens I had nothing to do with; they were just brought to Carole's. All were friendly and happy to be nursed. All have been homed within a few days.

Two cute kittens and one overweight multiple-chinned cat rescuer.

Friday lunchtime I got a call from Carole who'd had a call from an elderly gentleman who'd found an injured cat in his garden and was concerned about it. I called him and was there in about ten minutes. It was in a private road facing the Chesters pub, an area I knew very well as I'd lived not far away for forty years.

The cat had managed to get its left front leg entangled with its collar with the result that the flesh had worn away leaving an open, infected, and foul smelling wound. I tried cutting the collar but quickly gave up after cutting through in one place as it was pulling away the skin. I got her to Williams & Cumming vets in less than five minutes. There, the vet Mr Molina cleaned and dressed the wound and kept the cat in overnight. Next morning I was told that it was doing quite well so I picked it up and took her to Carole's. I'm taking her back again tomorrow morning and leaving her while she's checked out and given any further treatment.

Carole's reckons she's potentially a big cat. She certainly is very boney and, despite being fed at the vets, wolfed down everything Carole gave her. In the meantime I've emailed a letter plus photo to the letters page at the Sunderland Echo in the hopes that her owner will call me and claim her.

We've actually had a good week on the re-homing front with a few kittens and three adult cats going. If that happened every week I wouldn't have to turn down so many people wanting their cat re-homed. Wonder what this week will bring.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Yesterday morning a Sunderland Echo photographer called round at the shop to take photos of some puppies for a feature on us in the paper. I went there as well to take some photos. You've seen these puppies before in this blog when they were a week old and looked like furry slugs. They look a lot different now and have their own distinct personalities. I picked one up (third photo, far left) and she just snuggled against my chest and didn't move the whole time I held her. Their mother is a sweet small german shepherd cross and their father a mastiff cross and they are going to be BIG.

In the afternoon I had to go to Carole's to deliver a week's worth of cat food and also collect all her black sacks full of soiled cat bedding and waste to take to the council tip. Because of my recent problems with my shoulder I managed to get Mark, a new helper at the shop, to come along. It would also give him a fuller appreciation of what sort of things we do. As thing happened, it turned out to be a longer trip than expected.

We'd just unloaded the food and were starting on the smelly sacks when Carole got a call from Lisa who runs a pet taxi service. Lisa had been at the PDSA hospital at Heworth in Gateshead where the staff asked her if she could help with three kittens they'd just had handed in, so she called Carole who could, who asked me if I'd go pick them up, which I did, with Mark.

Apparently they'd been found at some local park. Translated that means I think their owners just didn't want them. People tell a variety of lies when they're trying to get shot of their pets. To be honest, I don't care about the excuses. No matter what the reason, if we have space we'll take them, if we haven't we won't.

The kittens, around 8-10 weeks I guessed,  were used to being handled and should find homes pretty quickly. One has already been re-homed this morning.

Only two quickly taken snaps at the PDSA place I'm afraid.