Sunday, 18 October 2009

Animal Rescue: Monday Cats

Monday, 24 August 2009

Blossom, one of my eight cats. Cute, isn't she?

Not that she has anything to do with this entry apart from the fact that I successfully used electric shears I'd bought for my own hair to remove a large thick clump of matted fur from her right side.

Otherwise it was up, feed cats, clean cat litter, let them out, breakfast, check email for Amazon Marketplace sales (none but already had 3 over the weekend), get dressed, go to the garage to feed Grace (see earlier post) and clean her litter tray, then down to the Raich Carter Centre for a 35 minute swim. Then to business.

Over to Carol's to drop off a load of cat food, some bought by the charity at Asda, some donated, where I picked up a young friendly and very cute female tabby to take to Vets4Pets for neutering. That done, post office to post packets (one book, one CD, one DVD- Young Frankenstein, see below) and home.

A little later I got a call from Susan to go round the corner to see a lady who had a cat she thought might be a stray. Nice little old lady, cat-lover and animal lover in general, with a good-sized garden. The cat was in good condition, had a collar with what I thought was something to open a catflap with. I didn't think it was a stray, just an opportunist taking advantage of a nice little old lady, and asked her to leave things as they were but notify me if there was any change in the cat's condition. She was happy with that.

Got to pick up the cat from V4P round about three-ish to take back to Carol's and that should be that.


I arrived back at Carol's with the cat, whom I'd named Lulu, to find a family there who had come to adopt a cat but hadn't quite decided which one. I was in a hurry to get the car back for Susan so didn't stay long but when I left it looked as if Lulu had become the favourite.

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