Sunday, 18 October 2009


The name 'Blanket' is a pun on 'white'. The cat, in a poorer condition than the photograph, has now replaced Grace in the cage in our garage. He has a touch of cat flu and had been harassed by one of the cats he shared a shed with at Carol's. There is a cat-lover who wants to add him to her collection but Carol wanted to give him a few days peace and quiet here and get the all-clear from the vets.

Quite frankly, I don't believe he's going to get the all-clear. Far from it. The areas around both eyes are brown-tear stained and difficult to clean properly. When I left him around ten this morning, he'd started to eat from a sachet I'd put on his plate. When I went to see him six hours later, he hadn't finished his food, indeed he'd left most of it. I made a fuss of him which he enjoyed, purring loudly, and pulled a couple of tats from his fur. I noticed he was very underweight, though age or illness I don't know. I put down some fresh chicken and just as he was about to eat it, he endured a prolonged coughing fit. I'll check him again in a couple of hours and update this if neccessary.

My impressions are that he's more likely to be put to sleep than rehomed. I'll try and get him veterinary attention by Wednesday at the latest.

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