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Updated: 24/07/14. 

This is our official list of cats in our care that need homes. It is updated as soon as there are any changes, sometimes even daily.

Our re-homing centre is currently  completely full and we have 24 cats and kittens in total needing homes.

Volunteer cat cuddlers are always welcome as they do an important job of keeping the cats socialised with people and more re-homeable as a result. Fosterers are always and very much needed. With more fosterers we could help more cats.

If you would like to visit our centre with a view to adopting one (or more!) -or to come and make a fuss of them, or even just to satisfy your curiosity- please contact Ian Williams by one of the following methods-

Phone (mobile) 075088 12280
Phone (landline) 0191 514 2850  Improved service: I now have two phones and a message leaving facility.
Email: ianw700@gmail.com -the best way to get in touch as I check my emails several times a day.

We do ask for a donation of £40.00 for a kitten and £30.00 for adult cats as all our adult cats have been neutered/spayed and vaccinated against cat flu and, in addition to our many other expenses, our vets bills run at over £2,000 a month.

Because of increasing expenses, we now have to ask for a donation of £20 for cats we take in. We can only accept cats in the re-homing centre that have been neutered/spayed and vaccinated against cat flu, though we may be able to help with this.

If, for whatever reason, a cat has to be returned we will always accept them but it may not be possible straight away due to lack of spaces. Ian is always willing to help with any problems or queries. Our aim is a happy owner with a happy cat.

Something to think about: every cat we re-home means we have space to take in another cat which might otherwise either be tossed out to fend for itself or destroyed.

There are three parts to the list: cats at the re-homing centre, cats fostered out, cats re-homed.  Unless stated otherwise, Ian is the contact.

Introducing a new section: Lost and Found.

If you have lost your cat, email me a photo plus cat and your details and I'll put it on this page for 3 months or until you've got it back back whichever is the shorter period. The same if you have found a cat.

Rosie, male, missing Penshaw area since 30/06/14. Added 20/07/14. If found/seen please contact: Louise at smithy11081985@hotmail.com

Barnes area.  Our Kitten ‘Wednesday’ went missing on Sunday 20th July. Please can you look in your garage and/or shed or anywhere she could be trapped? Wednesday is mute so she can’t let you know if she is trapped. Wednesday is chipped . If you have seen her or see her please call me on: 0191 5519378 or 07910992244

Cats at the re-homing centre.

Sansa, female, about 2, pale ginger and white, still settling in but seems like a nice cat, doesn't like other cats though. Arrived 05/07/14.

Pierre, a large friendly longish-haired black and white male age 18 months. Everyone who meets him loves him. Just not enough to take him home. Surely there's a place in your house and heart for him. Arrived 30/03/14.

Sox, age uncertain but about 12-18 months, very friendly, a really nice young boy cat put in our care as a result of a family break up. Who will give this kittenish cat a home?  Arrived 24/06/14. Reserved.
Aoife, 5 yrs, black with small white patch, female, ideal for a single person or couple with no children or other animals, likes having a fuss made of her, sitting on knees and sleeping on beds but otherwise low maintenance. Used to being a house cat. Must be the only cat. Only given up by her idiot fosterer (me) because he had too many cats in the house and some had to go. Arrived April 2013.

Burnside, 8-9 years old, ginger-white, been living rough-ish for three years, not a bad cat but best placed in a home without any other cats.  Takes a little while to settle down and, at first, will escape if he can but he is friendly and likes people. The sort of cat that grows on you the longer you have him. Dependent on the kindness for strangers for many years, he's looking for someone who will finally give him a permanent home and love him in the late summer of his life.  Arrived 05/04/14.

(The unfortunately named) Rasputin is a two year old female and  very friendly. Desperately needs someone to adopt her and give her a new name more fitting to her loving nature. Arrived 30/04/14.

Roly,  a lively friendly 2 year old boy. Missing the company of his sister who was re-homed recently, he's looking for a human on whom he can lavish his love. Arrived 03/04/14.

Heromale, two and a half, b/w arrived 03/01/14, Frightened of children but generally friendly. That's his story and he's sticking to it. Come on, there must be someone out there for a bonny boy like him.

Alfie, a stray tabby, 4 years old, generally friendly  and likes attention but terrified of a face coming close to him, not aggressive, needs a quiet home with lots of love.  If he could sing he'd sing, "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good/Oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood." Arrived 05/02/14

Tiny (she isn't) & Todd, brother & sister, 15 months old, black, arrived 14/01/14. Nice natured, good with other cats. To be re-homed together. They thought they had a home until they were cast out by that rude word of a person who claims to rescue and re-home cats. Not doing a very good job with these two nice loving cats, is he?

Twinkle, female tabby, and Star, female black & white, young but age unknown. Twinkle is nervous but Star is affectionate. Twinkle could so easily be a friendly loving cat by someone with patience. It's so sad these two are often overlooked. Can -reluctantly- be re-homed separately.

Cats (and kittens) with foster carers.

All these cats and kittens can be seen by, except where indicated, contacting  Ian.

Two kittens, 3 months old, arrived 16th July, grey fluffy female, black and white male.

Jeff, female, 15 months old, a very loveable pretty young cat, tolerates other cats -just.  Arrived April 14

 Arya, torty female about 1 year old, playful, very affectionate and likes other cats. Suit just about any owner. Except the idiot who abandoned her. Arrived 01/07/14.

I don't know who you are because I haven't met you yet but I do know you're incredibly lucky because you are the new owner of Bron and Dany Fluffy. They are a very loving 7 month old brother and sister with gorgeous soft fur and they are going to make you so happy over the next few years. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch! Neutered and spayed 14/07/14.

Caitlyn, about 4 years old, female, pretty and friendly but not so keen on other cats. She's pretty and the longer I have her the more I like her.  Found at Grangetown and despite notices in the post office and our shop window, it looks like she's been cruelly abandoned. Arrived early July 2014.

 Millie (born 11/2/10) spayed and vaccinated. Best kept as an only cat. Can be very loving on her terms. Loves all food, not fussy and loves to sleep under the duvet with you.  Contact Andrea 07588 903233.

Khal,  male, 3 months, black and white, well socialised. Are you mad out there? This is a lovely friendly kitten and I should know because he's on my knee often enough and loves playing with other cats as all the other kittens he grew up with have found homes.  £40 donation  required.

Cats Re-homed 2014.

January 2014.
Ollie, 2 yrs, male grey tabby, 2/01/14
Tink (aka Tinkerbelle), male, white and tabby, 18 months, 05/01/14, from my house.
Unnamed female tabby, 3 yrs (?), friendly, 07/01/14
Lucas and Tim - Two male, black kittens 6 months old, re-homed 12/01/14
Morag, female spotty tabby, Maggie, female small tabby, 16 month old sisters, Re-homed 13/01/14
Archie 4 yrs, male grey, very friendly. Re-homed 22/01/14
Willow, female, 3 yrs, tortoiseshell, friendly and talkative. Re-homed 22/01/14
Wendy, 2yrs, female, fluffy tabby, arrived mid-December. Re-homed 25/01/14
Blue, 15 wk old grey/white kitten, lively, affectionate, playful, arrived my house 24/01/14. Re-homed 28/01/14
January total: 11

February 2014
Ginger 1 and Ginger 2, 8 month old brothers, arrived 14/02/14, re-homed 14/02/14
Rusty, four and a half months old, black, male, very friendly, arrived 10/02/14, re-homed 16/02/14
Tigger, ginger male, young but exact age uncertain, likes cuddles and sitting on knees, arrived 26/01/14, re-homed 16/02/14
Poppy, female, grey tabby, around 18 months old, very friendly, good with kids . Arrived 23/01/14, re-homed 23/02/14
Maisie, about 2 years old, female tortoiseshell, a very nice cat. Arrived 21/02/14, re-homed 26/02/14
February total: 6

March 2014
Matilda, 5-ish, female, three-colour longhair, loves cuddles and kids, needs regular grooming. Re-homed 01/03/14.
Tut, 5 yrs, male, ginger tabby, nice but needs an experienced owner with no children or other animals. Re-homed 02/03/14
Victoria,  b/w, 14 months, arrived 14/01/14. Re-homed 07/03/14.
Tink, ginger male, 4 yrs, arrived 07/03/14, re-homed 10/03/14.
 Morag, female spotty tabby, Maggie, female small tabby, 16 month old sisters, very friendly.  Arrived 08/03/14, re-homed 11/03/14
Miranda, tortoiseshell, 8 months, arrived 14/02/14.  Re-homed 11/03/14
Shappi, black, 8 months, arrived 14/02/14.  Re-homed 11/03/14
Jenny, 14 months, very friendly, used to kids. Arrived 14/02/14. Re-homed 14/03/14.
Floppy, a recently neutered three and a half year old male. Arrived 08/03/14. re-homed 14/03/14
Heromale, two and a half, b/w arrived 03/01/14, Frightened of children. 
Molly, 9 yrs, female, large tortoiseshell, loves cuddles. Re-homed 15/03/14
Suzie, 8yrs, female b/w, re-homed 22/03/14. The 30th cat re-homed this year!
Yuna, mostly white female, born 14/05/08, outgoing friendly cat, arrived 14/03/14. Re-homed 23/03/14
Edgar, 8yr old mature tabby. Would make an ideal first cat. Arrived 17/02/14, re-homed 25/03/14 as a first cat.
Belle, 10 week old female tortoiseshell. She is very loving and loves snuggling up to people especially on the bed, also playful,  Arrived 13/03/14. Re-homed 26/03/14.
Tiger, 5 years, long haired thick furred large tabby possibly with some Norwegian Forest Cat blood in him, loves being stroked, loves people, but doesn't like other cats. Re-homed 27/03/14.
Poco, 3 year old male tabby, used to children, seems like a nice cat. Arrived 23/03/14. Re-homed 27/03/14
Shadowcat, black, about 6 months old, just spayed, a nice friendly kitten-cat who loves cuddles and having her shiny silky soft fur stroked. Arrived 20/03/14. Re-homed 27/03/14.
Gerald the Ginger Kitten, 4-5 months old, playful, affectionate, lively, and delight of a kitten. Arrived 20/03/14, re-homed 28/03/14.
Lulu, b/w female, born 14/05/08, nervous at first, loves being stroked, arrived 14/03/14. Re-homed 31/03/14.
March total: 21.
Quarterly total: 38.

April 2014 
Binx (aka Black Cat), about one year old, black, lively, good with children, small dogs, and other cats. Arrived 27/02/14. Re-homed 03/04/14.
Lucy5 yrs, black & white, due to an injury she had to have most of her tail amputated but has fully recovered. She loves affection and cuddles, likes up to you, placid, nervous of other cats, suit a quiet home, a really nice little cat. Must be a house cat. Arrived Jan 2014. Re-homed 05/04/14.
Bertie and Boris, two nice friendly young tabby brothers. Arrived 30/03/14. Re-homed 17/04/14.
Roger, male 2 yrs, male, large black, arrived  mid-December, nervous at first now very friendly.  Re-homed 18/04/14
April total: 5.

May 2014
Dusty, 6 months old,  a friendly kitten-cat who likes cuddles. Arrived and neutered 13/04/14. Gone to live with Binx 03/05/14 and I miss him already.
Kiki, female, about 1 year olda very nice friendly young cat, good with other cats, seems okay with children. Arrived 25/03/14. Re-homed 03/05/14
Mittens, b/w female, 16 months old, nice friendly young cat. Arrived 17/03/14. Re-homed 09/05/14.
Muddy, 14-15, long haired grey, found in a very poor condition and, after spending three days at the vets, has come to live with me. First impressions are that he's very friendly. Arrived 02/05/14. Re-homed on a long-term fostering basis 10/05/14
Edgar, male tabby, 8 years old, placid, likes being stroked, a good first cat. Arrived 12/04/14. Re-homed 12/05/14.
Jennifer, 5 and Dawn; 3 yrs, black, the mother is very friendly, the daughter is very nervous. Re-homed 10/12/05.
Oscar, 4 years old, a nice friendly boy, arrived 01/05/14. Re-homed 13/05/14
Tink, ginger male, 4 yrs, arrived 07/03/14, re-homed 10/03/14, a nice cat but returned because jealous of baby 18/04/14. Re-homed 17/05/14.
May total: 9.

June 2014
Charlie, 2 years old, mostly white, nervous but nice. Re-homed 02/06/14
Two kittens 8 weeks old, home 06/06/14.
Ginger kitten, 8 weeks old, homed 08/06/14.
Tabby/white kitten, 9 weeks old, homed 15/06/14
Rikki, b/w male, born 14/05/08, technically still fostered but it looks like I'm keeping him.Frank, 2 years old, black and white, very friendly. Arrived 0/06 /14. Re-homed 18/06/14.
Angelica, 2 yrs black female, very affectionate, re-homed 24/06/14.
Kitten, black and white, homed 19/06/14.
June total: 9
Quarterly total: 23

July 2014
Two kittens, dark tabby & tabby/white, 9 weeks old, homed 04/07/14
Bron, male, about 4 months old, ginger & white, lively and well socialised,  Homed 10/07/14.
Gilgamesh, 5 years old, an ocicat arrived 09/06/14. He has graciously accepted the offer to go and live with a young couple who promise to provide for all his needs for the forseeable future, 15/07/14.
Tammy, 9 years old, female black and white, has gone on a long term foster 15/07/14.


Animal Krackers said...

great news to see so many rehomed recently!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Me and my mam adopted Tigger on 16/02/14 after sadly losing our beloved dog, Oscar. We had loads of love to give to another pet and wanted more company for our other cat, Jak.I am very happy to report Tigger is settling in very happily in his new home! He is receiving lots of cuddles and loves to play with Jak and his toys! Thank you Ian for letting us adopt Tigger!

vivian said...

Almost a week now since we adopted Rusty ( now called spot ) after our cat called spot died at almost 21 years old. He has fitted in lovely like he has always been with us. He has made a great companion for our old dog . Thanks Ian and Animal Krackers. Love Vivian and Keith Humble.

Anonymous said...

I adopted Suzie and she is a lovely cat :) Her foster carer has been brilliant with advice etc and i met Angela yesterday and its easy to see how this charity cares for these animals :) Thank you for letting me adopt this beautiful girl and hopefully she will be happy here and it will be her forever home
Love Rachael & Thomas

Animal Krackers said...

Aww lovely to hear about Suzie - she was one of my (many) favourites!!

16 so far in March is fab :-)

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