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Friday, 11 September 2009

If the first two photographs don't make you feel as if your heart is breaking then you don't have one.

This is the stray kitten which was handed in to our shop. It seemed healthy at first, then, a day later, I was a bit concerned about it being apathetic when I picked it up. Shortly after it developed uncontrollable diarrhea. Andrea has been looking after it but she's in London this weekend so it's fallen to me. Last night it went to Vets4Pets where Honor (see earlier posts) said it might have feline parvo and gave it several injections and medicine. Now I've got it for the weekend.

In earlier posts when I mentioned the garage, I deliberately gave the impression it was the garage belonging to our house. It isn't. A couple of years ago, Susan and brother Nick bought a house a few doors up the street for their mother who, awkward person that she is, refused to move into it. If she had, she might not have been sectioned and put in a home. So the garage that Blanket and Grace is three doors up the street.

The kitten is currently in a cage but inside the house and in a pretty pathetic state which the photos don't do justice. Her tail is caked in diarrhea which is also smeared over her legs and other parts. I've done my best to clean her up but she isn't strong enough to endure the trauma of being washed with soap and water in a plastic basin. I've changed the towels she sits on in her cage twice today. I've given her water and various medicines with a syringe into her mouth and squeezed antiseptic pain killer onto her tiny swollen bottom.

On the good side, she is eating reasonably well and also getting fluid from that. I've nursed her several times and she loves being cuddled, however, it's going to be nine hours before I can do all this again. Last night Andrea had the kitten in her bed and had to change all the bedclothes. Because she might have something contagious, I dare not have the kitten in my house which would put eight other cats at risk.

The tiny little creature is suffering and I'm doing all I can. I just hope it's enough.

And then there's the good news.

I took Blanket, who seems just about completely recovered, to his new home. The three other photos -a Maine Coon, a Ragdoll, and a moggie with one eye are just three of his new friends -I have some other photos but enough is enough. He seemed completely unphased by his new surroundings, met a friendly sniff with the same, and a hiss with a hiss. His new owners are delighted with him and I'm delighted he's found such a nice loving home.

Updates about the kitten -which I don't want to name until I'm sure she'll survive- will follow.

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