Thursday, 28 April 2011


Basically the shed where a number of the cats for re-homing are kept has been completely re-vamped. Here's what it used to look like.
In the last week, we've had the inside boarded up to provide extra insulation, using white boards to brighten the shed up. Lino has been put down and shelves and perspex screens fitted to provide compartments for individual cages.

Nice little story about the lino. Susan told me the size we wanted would probably cost about £60.00. We went to a place called Frank's Carpets (emblazoned on the outside of the building: "I love carpets, me", cringe. When we told the guy helping us that we needed it for cats and we were a rescue he immediately offered us some smallish offcuts for free but they were too small. He then found a very large offcut which was ideal and he let us have it for £10.00 and promised to drop some stuff of his own off at the shop. As you'll see from the photos below, the lino was more than enough for the floor and also lined out the new shelves.

There's a double socket fitted into the wall facing the door for lighting and heating. The way it's set up now minimises any chance of cross-infection should any cat we taken in have an illness. In the past we've been guilty of taking in too many cats but now there will be no more than 8 in the shed at any one time; excluding, that is, if say two have come in together from the same household, then we'll keep them together in the same cage. Incidentally, the cage above is a carrying case and poor little Prince (re-homed last night) had just come back from being neutered at the vets. In the purple carrier behind is the father of the kittens from the previous post and he's had his last litter.

It will look better once the new cages arrive and we get some cats in them. That should be in about a week and I'll be there with my camera.

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