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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tuesday morning and I'd not long been back home after taking Bonnie (our eldest) to see Honor at Vets4Pets for a final checkup when the phone rang. Call from the shop. A woman had found a cat in her garden with a broken paw and it looked like the cat had recently given birth. I told them to keep her there, rang the Williams & Cumming vets (the nearest to us) and they could see her immediately but only if I got her there in 15 minutes before the vet started his mornings operations. Into the car, down to shop, up to the woman's house, cat in the carrier, and got to the vet's -in, amazingly, 12 minutes flat.

Mr Molina the vet checked her out -almost certainly a fractured leg. I left her there, went home and set up a cage in the garage. It's a big garage with a glass door to the garden so there's a lot of natural light and something to look at.

Back at teatime. The cat had a fractured leg, probably the result of a dog bite, which Mr Molina had put a pin in. The cat was also spayed -a kitten still in her womb was 'non-viable'. The other kittens would probably be dead by now as the lady who'd found the cat had checked her garden and not found any.

I took her home and put her in the cage. Understandably she was terrified and tried to make a run for it but I was able to gently keep her in the cage while I put food and water in with her -the basket and litter tray were already there.

Next morning I knocked up a poster and put copies in our shop and the local post office. No reply so far. I check on her several times a day, change her food and water twice including mixing in pain killers her food. Her bowels and waterworks are normal and she's slowly getting used to me stroking and talking to her but she hasn't started purring yet. She'll be back at the vets tomorrow morning for a checkup but she seems to be doing fine so far.

I'll update in a Post Script below when there is more news. When I first took her to the vet's I was asked for a name and I'm useless at thinking up names on the spot. She's grey and white so I said Smudge. When I called to pick her up I changed her name to Grace.

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