Sunday, 18 October 2009


Friday, 4 September 2009

These photographs of Blanket were taken a few minutes ago around 16.15.

Blanket has been here for five days now and he has improved, more so than I realised. I took him to see Mr Cummings of the Williams & Cummings practice who knows the lady (Chris Turner) who wants to adopt him. Chris, a somewhat effusive person, has been ringing me every day for progress reports as she is desperate to add him to her cat collection, making him the 16th. Thankfully I was able to give her good news today.

He is improving and Mr Cumming hopes that after the injection he gave and when the course of antibiotics is complete, Blanket (shortly to be known as TC -short for Tom Cruise and not what you thought) will be able to go to his new home. He also had a loose top left fang, ready to fall out, which the vet able to remove with just a short tug -no blood just a very rotten root. His coat for his age (around 12 as Carol thought) is in good condition.

So it's looking good for Blanket who is a very friendly cat (as long as he isn't being mauled about by someone trying to clean his eyes at which point he becomes awkward) and I've rather warmed to him. Blanket Part 3 -The Conclusion will appear in about a week.

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