Sunday, 18 October 2009

ANIMAL RESCUE: Cats -Grace & Aslan. Update.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Grace has gradually been getting used to me and seems to like me stroking her now.

I took her back to the vets for a checkup. The vet, Mr Cummings this time, confirmed my own observations in that she's recovering well from the two operations. Grace was very placid while being examined and seemed relaxed when I held her. She has to stay on the antibiotics until Tuesday just to make sure that no infection develops. She also has to remain confined in the cage for three weeks to give her a proper chance to heal properly.

However, that depends on whether she remains unclaimed or not. If she hasn't by next Wednesday, I'm going to take the notices down and probably transfer her to Carol's at the end of the three weeks. I may, before then, give her the run of the garage, or at least try it out in about a week once she's built up some strength and trust in me.

To be continued.

Aslan may have found a new home.

I put his details and photo up on Catchat, a national website with regional pages, and within a couple of hours had an enquiry from a young woman in Newcastle. She sounds ideal so I've suggested I take Aslan through next week -no compulsion to keep though- I want them both to be happy.

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