Saturday, 3 October 2009


Bonnie is our eldest and is probably around 15 years old and we've had her since she was about 3. (See entry below for her origin story.)

We've been getting worried about her because her behaviour is changing. Never a wanderer, more a yo-yo (in-out in-out why can't you get me a goddamn cat-flap), recently she's been staying outside for very long periods and twice overnight. We've had to put a litter tray behind the tv since she started going there. She's been losing weight, and her breathing sounds a bit laboured.

So today we took her to see Honor at Vets4Pets. Normally we'd go see Mr Molina at Williams & Cummings but we've been very impressed by Honor. We knew Bonnie would get a thorough check over with her and that is what happened. Bonnie has a temperature of 104F, she's half a kilo underweight, her breathing is a problem, but her teeth are good. The other problem is that there may be several causes including thyroid problems or worse. Honor gave Bonnie a couple of injections and took two blood samples. I've got to take her back on Friday morning to have her temperature checked.

I reminded Honor of something I'd said to her on several occasions, that my overriding concern was never to let an animal suffer when it can be avoided. Honor's reply was that with Bonnie we weren't there -yet.

So, as with Aslan (on whom I'll be doing a piece when his story is finally resolved one way or another), we wait and see.

Post Script

Honor phoned early this evening to say the blood tests were clear but we're still waiting for the thyroid results.

8th July 2009

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