Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I'd had a bit of a restless night, not helped by Little Bob bouncing around at 3.30 and using me as a trampoline. I dozed intermittently and got up at 6.40 to clean three smelly cat litters, let out the cats who wanted to go, let in those who'd chosen to stay out all night, put food down for the lot of them, had my breakfast, made Susan a cup of tea and would then have normally left to go swimming but I said 'sod it' and went back to bed for an hour and a half.

When I finally got up I went to Asda to buy cat food for the rescued cats and while there got a call from Susan who'd said a lady had rang to ask why I hadn't picked up her cat an hour ago. Because I forgot was the simple answer. A little while later I picked up the cat -kitten really- and headed for Wendy's the vets and met a couple with their bonnie but past its best parrot.

And so to Carole's with the cat food. Once unloaded, I took a few photos of cats available for re-homing, took two cats with sniffles to see Wendy the vet, took them, loaded the van up with soiled bedding and used cat litter and took it all to the council tip. Here are some lovely cats in need of good homes.

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