Thursday, 22 October 2009

CATS: busy busy busy

No photographs because I've just installed Windows 7 but not yet reinstalled the copy of my hard disk. (For the full but still short story of that, see my other blog:

Monday was a record: 6 cats to the vets in one day. First off, I picked up a mother and her two grown kittens from Ryhope, getting lost in the process, and took them to Vets4Pets for neutering. The owner didn't want the kittens back as with 2 kids, studying science at Shiney Row college, and working at the Casino, she had enough on her plate. Later I picked up 3 cats from Carol's for checkups following their 2 neuterings and 1 teeth removal the previous week. At the vets I then picked up the 3 neutered cats and had 6 in my car at the same time. The kittens are being fostered by a couple who have just got in contact with us and seem very nice indeed. Paul has just been on the phone to let me know they have settled in well and are starting to play with his two cats.

Last Thursday (or Friday, I get mixed up) Andrea and I went to West Boldon (and got lost thanks to her crap navigating) to pick up a 14 month old Staffy bitch. Owner had a new baby and couldn't cope with the two. The dog was lovely, very friendly, almost gentle by staffys' ebillient standards. We took her to StrayAid at Coxhoe deep in the heart of Durham.

A couple of hours later I had got myself totally confused in Sulgrave, Washington, finding myself completely incapable of seeing my destination despite driving and walking past it several times. I was there to pick up two cats (brother & sister and proud parents of two kittens) for neutering. Rather than leave the house ridiculously early the following morning I'd decided to keep them here overnight. No problems, nice owner but with a lot on her plate. I strongly emphasised that she should get the kittens neutered no later than 6 months. Already the product of inbreeding, I shudder to think what their kittens might be like.

Talking of kittens, loose Lulu is now in my house. When there's no-one around she's kept in a cage which is more restricting that before, but when she isn't, she has more company for longer. Still loose, we're now trying a different food but nothing seems to work.

Last night a drunk idiot phoned who seems to think we should give her the name and address of the people we got the two cats from that she adopted and was pissed off when I told her that even if we had their details we wouldn't pass it on. She then threatened to smear our charity to the local newspaper. I put the phone down on her. So far today no more has been heard.

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