Sunday, 18 October 2009


Friday, 18 September 2009

On Monday I took the kitten to the vets to see Kevin, a partner in the practice. He checked her out, gave her some injections, a new medicine and told me discontinue one I was using plus the anaesthetic drops on her bum as they could hinder healing. Using the Vaseline was okay though. She should start to improve in a day or so, he said.

So that's what I did and there were, after a day, small signs of improvement in terms of the constitution of her bowel movements but they didn't last. By Wednesday, her appetite was waning. Susan and regularly bathed her every couple of days and on Thursday, in an attempt to perk her up, I let her out of cage and gave her the runaround of the room for a couple of hours and if she shat on the floor then I'd clean it up. Her appetite hadn't improved so I made an appointment to see Honor.

It still had gotten any better when we turned up four 4.30 appointment this afternoon. Honor told me something that Andrea hadn't last week, something that I didn't know. Feline parvo is always fatal and it is a slow death. The only way to tell is to test the faeces from a collection of several bowel movements. If it isn't parvo then they should be able to identify what it may be. If they can't then it's blood tests and if it goes to that then the outlook is grim.

My primary rule when dealing with animals is this: Do not let them suffer.

If the kitten has something curable I will have it cured. If it isn't then I will take her to the vets as fast as I can and have her put to sleep.

This evening I had one of my regular four times a day sessions with her which involve: cleaning up where necessary, giving her any medicines she's due, cleaning her bottom and any other parts I can wipe, playing/cuddling her, feeding her, and lastly putting cream (I've gone over to Sudacrem on Honor's advice) on her bottom. Tonight I was going to collect a specimen of faeces and, for the first time in any of these sessions which have been going on for a week now, she didn't leak any poo.

I wish I could say I thought this was a good sign but the fact is she hasn't eaten much in the last couple of days and was bound to dry up a little.

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