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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I've spent several hours over the last couple of days working on a new version of Animal Krackers' leaflet. It's been written in collaboration with Andrea & Susan but I've done all the layout work and graphics using PagePlus 11. It's a double-sided triple foldout i.e. 6 column-sized pages. It's now at the stage where all the content is there -text & images- and is being circulated round three other people for comments before I copy it to disk and take it to be printed. The photo above is one considered for the first page but the one used will be similar albeit the top will be the top of the sign, omitting the first floor.

Yesterday I took a four year old tom to the vets for neutering. No problems. When I picked him up and took him back to Carol's, I then picked up one of the cats in her care to take it to its new owner who only lived about half a mile from. The girl Gemma is young, in her early 20's at most, with a 2yr old boy and another young cat. Nice girl, but her house was an absolute mess. The following lunchtime I returned the cat to Carol's as she couldn't cope with it. To be fair, her other cat seemed friendly and happy and in good condition. I think two were just too much for her.

Blanket's erstwhile new owner called round on Saturday afternoon to have a look at him. Nice lady, very effusive, and absolutely dedicated to cats. He's still not a hundred per cent and I'm wary of letting him go until he's stopped coughing completely. As she has a lot of other cats I don't want the slightest risk of them catching anything.

June, Grace's new owner, rang me this evening. Grace has been there for ten days now and has settled in well. She sleeps on June's daughter's bed at night and sits happily on knees any time it can. June's had her checked out and she's about 3 years old and will always have a limp but apart from that she's a healthy happy young cat. Happy ending there.

Before picking up the cat from Gemma, I called in at the shop with details I'd been typing about a case for damages against us on the ground of negligence. On this I can say no more at present. In a cat basket from which it was trying desperately to escape, in the kitchen, was a grey & white kitten -8 weeks old at best- which had just been handed to us after been found in someone's garden. We hope its owner will claim it. Slight complication in that, because of the cat flu, we dare not send it to Carol's so Andrea is looking after it tonight. Then this evening, Susan asked me if I'd kitten-sit tomorrow. Well, I was going to see District 9 in the afternoon but I suppose it can wait.

That's all folks.

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