Friday, 11 July 2014


About an hour or so ago I got a call from Susan asking if I could take in two kittens from Newcastle which had been found by one of the NE Greyhound Rescue people with whom we work. I had to tell her I just couldn't as I was expecting a 'kitten' this afternoon and even as we spoke there was a knock on the door.

I put the phone down and went to answer it to learn that the people had found a home for the kitten but had lost my phone number. I got straight back onto Susan to say the situation had changed.

What I'm going to get I have no idea. I'm just dreading they're feral as I've no experience (and, honestly, don't want any) with feral kittens.

Oh well, you (and I) will find out soon enough. (Flea and worm ridden, savage, three years old at leasty, uncontrollable, destructive, noisy, or even worse.) I've got to stop answering the phone.

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