Saturday, 5 July 2014


90 minutes ago a call, a skinny kitten found on a bin at Pennywell industrial estate. 15 minutes ago it arrived and it's not a kitten, it's about a year old. The lady who found it had fed it and told me it's very friendly.

I had thought to put it in the conservatory with the two remaining kittens (two were adopted yesterday) but instead I turfed the kittens into the living room when the young cat hissed at them. She is friendly but nervous, notably of other cats, but has settled down on a chair and is currently lying there with her eyes closed.

I'm also expecting the delivery of a cat found dumped in a carrier bag at Peterlee but I'll tell you about that one when, or if, it arrives. Meanwhile, here's my new little friend.

Incidentally, when I create a folder in Picasa for a new group of photos I give it a name. Usually it's something obvious but I'm rather pleased with this one. It's Ginger Pale.

As she's abut the same size and age as Arya the torty, I'm going to keep the Game of Thrones theme and call her Sansa (Arya's sister). Which reminds me, I've got the name the big ginger cat upstairs. Ned it is. Unless he's a she in which case...

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