Monday, 21 July 2014


  1. Cats in a bay window.

It's hot and sunny and  Fifi (left), who normally is jealous of her personal space, will even share it with new boy Rikki (right) and then, just under a year old, Emma (centre). Rikki, who has only been here a few weeks after I took him from Ferry Farm, really has settled in well. He often jumps on my knee and mixes freely with the other cats.

2. Bits & pieces.

I got a text from Dawn at Ferry Farm to inform me that Bruce (a large black cat who's been with us for some time) had been losing a lot of weight recently despite having a good appetite. As I was taking Jeff to be spayed this morning, I rang the vet's to see if they could squeeze Bruce in. They could so I picked him up on the way. And when I physically picked him up I was shocked by how light he was. It didn't take Wendy even a minute to diagnose him as having an extremely large tumour. It goes without saying that I wouldn't and couldn't let the poor thing suffer.

Arya, my favourite little torty who is definitely not staying here, honest guv (see recent post) is going back to the vets yet again following first the checkup, second the operation to remove a pin from her and third the removal of the stitches. Now it's fourth the spaying. She went into heat a few days ago and is very vocal about it. For some reason based on no evidence whatsoever other than the fact she'd clearly never had a litter (no enlarged nipples) I'd assumed she'd already been spayed. Wrong again.

The two kittens have now been in the conservatory for a couple of days. They are using the litter tray properly but are barely eating. I mentioned this to Wendy the morning who suggested putting their food under cover so they feel more secure. I've done this but so far to no effect. If things don't change in a day or two I'll have to get them in. A moment ago I noticed them lying on top of each other in full view and took a quick photo. They are used to me and are quite friendly. Maybe things will work out okay.

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