Thursday, 24 July 2014


Despite the title, this may at first not seem anything to do with cats.

I do more than use this desktop for more than blogging, writing emails, and spending more money than I have sense at Amazon. I often watch films on it, not the regular stuff -and, no, not what you're about to start thinking either- but obscure cult horror movies not available on Region 2 DVDs. By 'obscure cult' I'm also including the original Japanese Godzilla movies, Hong Kong fantasy/horror and other Asian stuff. I use a piece of software called AnyDVD which strips the region coding so they can play on my computer.

So obviously sound is important and when my computer stopped playing sounds a few weeks ago, I began to wonder what went wrong. First off I checked that all the connections were connected. Then I checked that the various hardware associated with it was recognised by Windows and, theoretically, in working order. It all checked out so I thought I'd get round and take it to the local computer repair shop, suspecting that it might be a loose internal connection.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Several weeks later and with several new Godzilla movies piling up I checked the speakers and stuff again. And found a cable bitten in half. I don't know how I missed it before but missed it I did. I don't know why I didn't even think of it before as I detailed, in a post last year, how cats (one in particular I thought) had forced me several times to obtain new connecting cables for my Ipod, Ipad, and landline as well as new earphones. So why I didn't think of this possibility escapes me. Probably encroaching... well, something I'd rather not think about.

If you're looking for cheap computer speakers you could do a lot worse than the ones I bought for twelve quid -Logitech Z120, compact, easy to plug in, with good sound.

I normally wouldn't bother you with something like this but I'm having problems updating the cats for re-homing list. In fact I may have somehow deleted it. Either way, I'm having technical problems with Blogspot and have knocked this out to see if it publishes.

Here's a photo to see if that works.


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