Saturday, 5 July 2014


This one, apparently, was found dumped in a carrier somewhere in Peterlee earlier today. The guy who brought him here, with his girlfriend, had tried several places before I agreed to take him and had had him scanned at a vets -no chip unsurprisingly.

I'm pretty sure he's a he, though I haven't checked that closely yet. He does have fleas which I Frontlined immediately and sprayed the carrier he came in. I was told he's friendly and initial impressions are that he's quite placid but he could just be in a state of shock. He's in the cage with bedding, litter, food and water.

Although I'd agreed to drop him off at Lynn's tomorrow, I've offered to keep him a little longer and take both him and Sansa (see previous post) to the vets on Monday to be checked out.

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