Sunday, 13 July 2014


They've been here around 46 hours and have already wormed their way into my heart, cold callous and icy as it is.

Here is Alpha Fluffy.

He's Alpha because he's the only one of the two who sleeps out in the open -currently on top of the chest of drawers. Beta Fluffy sleeps hidden away in the small space under my bedside cabinet.

At first I thought he was the more nervous of the two but I was wrong. Stroke him and he responds very positively, as does Beta, purring and rubbing against me with his delightfully soft lustrous fur. In this state he wasn't bothered when, inevitably, Aelfric jumped on the bed next to him. 

Beta is also very friendly when stroked, indeed there's no real difference. His fur is just as soft. I look forward to seeing how they develop as they settle in for their minimum three-week stay while they get their flu jabs (unless someone adopts them first). They are really really nice natured young cats. I don't know how old they are but my guess is not much more than a year. I don't even know what sex the smaller Beta is though I'm sure Alpha is male and I think they're either brother and sister or two brothers. I'll get a couple of the answers tomorrow when I take them to the vets for flu jab and checkup.

Here's Beta Fluffy.

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