Monday, 14 July 2014


Do read the previous post before this if you haven't already. Thanks.

I reckoned that Alpha Fluffy to be a boy and favouring female for Beta Fluffy (the black and white one). Same age, about a year give or take three months either way.

Wendy checked Alpha's teeth, had a think, and thought about a year give or take.

Wendy checked under his tail. Male definitely. And not neutered. Hmm.

Beta's teeth were the same so definitely the same age. Also female, so most likely brother and sister.

This gave her cause of thought and she decided to revise her age estimate to around 7 months on the grounds that any older and Beta would be pregnant.

So, because she's such a lovely person, she squeezed them both in to be done today.

I'll be picking them up about teatime but bringing with the old black boy that Lyn took from me to foster last week as he has a poorly tummy.

In about five minutes time I'm off to the re-homing centre to meet a couple who're interested in adopting a cat or two(!). They rang about ten minutes ago. I've just had a call from Saturday's couple who want to come back and are favouring Gilgamesh.

Then a guy is coming to (hopefully) fix my broken oven and grill at 2.30.


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