Thursday, 3 July 2014


A week last Wednesday I took in a stray torty which I took to the vets because of a lump in its leg. The lump proved to be a surgically inserted pin which Wendy the vet thought should be removed but couldn't do it until I'd had the cat for a week and was therefore legally responsible for it.

So off I went there this morning to find one of our cat cuddlers (who also adopted one of our cats) doing a week's work experience. At this point I want to apologise to her (she reads this blog thus adding to her many virtues of charm, intelligence, grace and beauty) because I've forgotten her name. Sorry. The cat didn't have a name so I said to the young woman (who is starting a course to be a veterinary nurse in September and I wish her the best of luck not that she'll need it) to name the cat, adding that I retained the right of veto.

"Maisie," she said.

"That's the name of the actress who plays one of my favourite characters in...," I could see the light of recognition between one fan and other in her eyes and didn't need to finish the sentence but I did anyway, "Game   of Thrones."

Then she said, "How about Arya?" That being the name of the character.

Perfect. I'd just finished watching the last episode of Season 3 an hour earlier, so Arya the cat is. Tyrion played by Peter Dinklage is my other favourite character. Well, mine and millions of others across the world.

Before they took Arya in, Wendy showed me the X-ray of the cat's right hind leg with the pin inserted into the bone. The break had healed perfectly but the pin was sticking out of the bone thus causing the swelling as it irritated the surrounding tissue.

Six hours later I was back to collect Arya. Helen the nurse gave me the pin they removed and I was astounded by how large it was. I called in at the shop to show Susan (and everyone else there) as she'd seen the cat when I called in on the way to the vets this morning to drop off some dog food and she was just as taken aback.

Want to see what it looks like?

As you can see it's about three quarters the length of a standard CD case. Now just look at some photos of Arya next to the case and you'll realise how large it is in comparison to her leg. They're also the best pics I've taken of her so far. Still not great though.

I can't show you the stitches because they're on the other side. They've got to be removed in a couple of weeks time when I'll have her get her first flu jab which means, unless she's claimed (like that's going to happen) she'll be with me for another five weeks.  As she's sweet natured and gets on with the other cats that won't be a problem. Stopping myself from keeping her will be the problem.

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