Friday, 11 July 2014


Okay, they aren't exactly kittens. (And if you're confused already, please read the previous post before continuing. I thank you.)

But I don't think they're much more than a year.

Their story is that they were owned by a bunch of immigrants who were living in fully furnished conditions in Newcastle and at the state's expense with the two cats. Cats aren't allowed under these circumstances and they were given two weeks to get rid of them. When the person turned up to find out if this had happened, they discovered the two young cats and nothing else. No immigrants, no furniture either. If, as seems likely, they were shortly to be deported, the cats owners have done a runner.

Here they are. I'll give you my impressions when you've had a good look at them.

Both have fluffy fur and as a result appear larger than they are. They may not be underweight but I suspect they aren't far off.

Although cooped up together in what was basically a one-cat carrier, as soon as I put them in the cage they retreated to separate ends with the chocolate-black sitting in the litter tray. I've since moved it and put in more bedding at the far end which suits him (I think him and I think the other her, though I could be wrong either way).

I've picked up both, successively, and cradled them, giving them a stroke. Neither struggled but didn't really respond in any way. What I'll do tonight is lock the other cats out of the bedroom, open the cage and let them decide what they want to do. Hopefully eat and drink something as neither have touched anything yet though its only been an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Aelfric and new boy Rikki appear to have struck up a non-aggression pact. While I can't say they're friends yet, they do seem quite comfortable being in close proximity.

Kitten Khal always wants to find out what's going on so Rikki goes to find his own space away from nosy kittens.

Rikki can't, however, escape from Aelfric who, like someone I know, if there's a camera around wants to be in front of it.

19.40 Saturday, 11th July
Total cats residing at this establishment: 11.
Total kittens: 1

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