Saturday, 19 July 2014


(This follows on from the previous post in which, against my better judgment, I accepted two kittens. My better judgement was right.)

As with all new cats, I initially put them in the largish cat cage in my bedroom and, as usual, after a while I let them out. Result: they soiled my bed and crapped on the floor. I also realised they were flea-ridden. So back in the cage and dosed with Frontline. They soiled the cage and didn't eat much either. For all my good intentions, I wasn't really helping the kittens. The Fluffy siblings in my bedroom weren't too pleased either.

Ideally they should be in my conservatory but that was already occupied by Sansa, a two year old female who didn't like other cats so she had to be in there.

By last night I was getting desperate and emailed a new cat cuddler who mentioned about fostering and wondered if she'd take Sansa. When I didn't hear from her by this morning, I rang Dawn at Ferry Farm and asked if she'd let her in despite the cat not being due for its second flu jab for another ten days. Thankfully she agreed and I've just got back from dropping the cat. Sansa will be okay as she's used to being in the conservatory which isn't that much smaller than the pens at Ferry Farm.

The kittens are now in the conservatory where they'll hopefully relax, start to eat properly and use the litter tray.

 I do think Hairy Ears is cute.

Needless to say, they are available for adoption.

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