Tuesday, 15 July 2014


As it turned out Monday still had plenty in store for me. Before I could leave the house for Ferry Farm I got a call from Saturday's couple who said they were interested in either Gilgamesh the ocicat or Sox the young male. When I told them that I had people coming who might be interested them as well as I was told they'd prefer Gilgamesh. Okay.

Off I went to Ferry Farm to meet the new couple around 11.45-12.00. Almost on the dot of twelve, Susan rang me to say that the electrician who was going to work on my cooker wanted to come early. We settled on 1.00 which would give me another half hour of waiting time max. Luckily I only needed fifteen minutes which left me just enough time to introduce the people to each cat and then leave them to spend more with the furry monsters. Another nice young couple who'd brought along their granny from Grimsby who was up for a visit. If she'd been younger, she said, she'd have taken Burnside. 

So I got home, waited for the electrician and in the meantime got a call from an elderly retired councillor whose cat had died not long since and wanted to foster long-term an elderly cat. The was a no-brainer as I'd already nearly given Tammy into the care of an elderly lady (see previous posts). I arranged to bring her (Tammy, that is) over at lunchtime on Tuesday. Meanwhile I got a call from Lynn who'd taken in the oldish cat abandoned at Peterlee nine days earlier that he was quite poorly. I booked him in for 5.30 and texted Lynn to that effect.

Once the electrician had gone (needed a part which he'll bring later in the week), I got a call from lunchtime's couple who not only wanted the 2-year old females Shappi and Miranda but also Sox (see above). They'd collect them in a couple of weeks when they start a fortnight's holiday which they can then spend with them. Result!

Good day's work.

Lynn told me the old boy's bowels were very loose and he wasn't using the litter tray. Despite eating a lot I could tell he hadn't put on any weight. While he would purr softly when stroked, he was otherwise lethargic and didn't interact in any way with the other animals in the house as he spent most of his time on the top of the settee.  He'd also been howling, as I'd expected, on a regular basis so all in all I wasn't very optimistic. I just didn't see him as having much of a chance which Louise the vet confirmed. His time was up. I suspect the people who'd abandoned him had also known as much and did what they did because they either didn't have the heart or the cash.

The two cats -Alpha and Beta Fluffy, now known as Bron and Dany- came home with me and are fine. When I woke around five this morning, Dany noticed and came and snuggled up next to me.

Tuesday morning and not long after swimming I turned up at the Royal Hospital for my hearing checkup in Audiology (like it would be anywhere else). I was seen to -correction: poor choice of words- I was looked after by a very nice young woman with whom I talked about animals (she has a dog), the many virtues of the NHS, and other stuff like my support for the recent public sector strike. My hearing has deteriorated a little but not a lot and she fine-tuned my two hearing aids. Seeing as I mentioned it, I want to emphasise it even more. I love the NHS! Sure it's not perfect, it never could be without infinite funding but it's far better than anything the Americans have with their ludicrous pathological fear of what they call 'socialised medicine'.

So there.

A little later and off to Ferry Farm to pick up Tammy and take her to her new home in a large three-storey Victorian building not far outside the city centre. Then home for food, some reading, and a nap. 

5.30 and I was back at Ferry Farm to meet the young couple who'd come to collect Gilgamesh. Getting him into the carrier wasn't easy as what they'd brought was a bit on the flimsy side and he's a very big and very strong boy. I strongly recommended they get something a bit more secure, ideally with a flip top which is what I prefer to use as it's much easier to get awkward cats inside. They very generously gave a substantial bit extra as a donation on top of the £60 adoption fee for which I and the treasurer thank them very much.

Spoke to Susan not long ago and there are definitely rumours of more than one kitten needing somewhere to stay. 


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