Saturday, 31 May 2014


1. The cat fountain.

It's called a fountain but really it's a waterfall. A small pump sucks the water up to the top level which then drops down into a larger one just below and the water is then channeled down a small chute.  Which is rather obvious from the photos. It also aerates the water to keep it fresh for longer. It was mentioned to me by a visitor who said that her cats loved it. I have to confess that, after nearly a week, it's yet to attract much attention from my cats who use it more when the pump is switched off.

2. Frank.

You can see him above with Aelfric. He's very much an alpha cat, or at least he thinks he is, and often bullies some of my others. He particularly went for Gilgamesh (see recent posts) which was why Gil wet my bed (which I didn't make completely clear in the post itself). As far as people goes, he is very friendly and likes sitting on knees. Just over a week and he's off to our re-homing centre.

3. Jeff's kittens.

Six weeks old now and all are on solid food. Tinned tuna is their favourite but they also eat small amounts of dried kitten (as in food not dried kittens), boiled chicken, and sachets of moist kitten food as well as still nursing from Jeff. They are very playful and this afternoon all of them ventured into the living room when I opened the door. The ginger kitten is a gorgeous fluffy bundle but he's also the most wary of the four, while the black and white is the boldest, closely followed by Tabby 1, who both like engaging with me.

4. Cat re-homing.

After a moderately busy start to the month, things went completely dead. Very disappointing, though a member of the committee is very interested in Gilgamesh if she can find somewhere for him to stay while she's away on her frequent short trips. Guess who volunteered? I'd have liked to have kept him but if she does  decide to take him then I know beyond a doubt he's going to a good home, plus I get to see him quite often and it's one less cat in my cat-crowded house.

5. And that is it...

...for May, a month in which I've published a record number of posts in this blog.

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