Sunday, 1 June 2014


Does anyone actually use the phrase 'in da house' anymore? I suspect not, though I wouldn't know. I've been out of touch with that sort of stuff since the 60's. Hell, I even use 'groovy' non-ironically. Actually that's not true. I used 'groovy' ironically even when it was non-ironical to use it way back then. Anyway, you can assume that my use of the post's title phrase is meant in a humourous context.

It also links a series of photos.

1. Susan Hardy (with Jeff) in da house.

2. Susan Hardy's feet (and a kitten) in da house.

3. A kitten (being investigated by Frank) in da house.

4. Gilgamesh in da house.
This afternoon, for the first time ever, Gilgamesh actually ventured downstairs which involved some growling and hissing at other cats and a brief mauling of Aelfric when he tried to get past him on his way back up the stairs.

I swear I will never use the stupid phrase in da house again and wish I hadn't this time. I'm going to be cringing every time I look at this post. Please accept my apologies and forgive my appalling lapse in judgment.

Thank you.

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