Wednesday, 21 May 2014


But when they're as cute as these, who would want me to?

They're still not really on solid food yet but as they're healthy enough I'm not too concerned. A couple of them now positively respond to me, either seeking me out or rolling over to be tummy-rubbed.  I've opened the conservatory door so they can start interacting with my other cats to help their socialisation if they end up in a multi-cat household.


Frank, the two year old black and white cat, I took in yesterday is doing well. After he howled so much about being stuck in the cage, I let him out when I went to bed but ready to jump at the first sound of trouble. There wasn't any. He wanders about the house as if he'd been here for weeks, comes up to me to be stroked, sits in my spot on the settee, and is completely none-aggressive towards the other cats. He's an excellent candidate for re-homing as I think he'd settle in anywhere.   

He's just come up to me and miaowed to let me know he's there and wants to be stroked. Now he's jumped up onto the computer desk so I can do a better job. Definitely a very nice and very re-homeable cat.                                                           
His pee still stinks because he was only neutered yesterday but that will have gone by the time he leaves here. Thankfully.

Gilgamesh seems happy enough to stay in my bedroom. I'm thinking of changing his name to the more manageable Ossy as in Ocicat -Ossy Cat. Or should I spell it Ossi?

If I change Frank's name to Francis then I'll have two cats called Francis and Ossi! Oh well, Status Quo fans will get the joke.

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