Sunday, 4 May 2014


No photos as, when I needed to free up space on my hard disc and tried to do it by deleting duplicate files, among other problems, I found myself unable to access Picasa for the pictures I needed.

Dusty the kitten-cat.
At lunchtime I bid a tear-suppressed goodbye to little Dusty who went off with his two new owners, my sadness at his departure not really balanced by the fact I was sure he'd be well looked after and happy in his new home.

Muddy Waters.
With regard to Muddy, the shaven frail and skinny elderly long haired grey cat, he spent his second night here on my bed about six inches away from me. He does seem to be a quiet nice natured cat who likes people and likes gentle displays of affection. However, he consistently vomited up all kinds of food -Felix sachets and boiled chicken- not all of it but enough to give me cause for concern. This lunchtime, around 12, I tried him with microwaved fish which, seven hours later he's managed to keep down which is something I find very encouraging. I'll give him some more when I've finished this post.

The big surprise came in an email yesterday afternoon. I'd been having my usual nap but with Muddy next to me and got up to check the football results to see how badly Sunderland had been beaten by Manchester United, though I hoped they might have got some kind of result unlikely as it seemed. I checked my emails first and found one from someone offering to give Muddy a home. I'd put him on the available list more in hope than expectation; the expectation being that he'd spend the rest of his life with me.

That's about as unlikely as Sunderland winning away at MU, I thought. Not wanting to let the person -a young woman called Victoria who sounded promising- get away, I replied at once. That done, I checked the football results and Sunderland had beaten MU at Old Trafford for the first time since 1968 and all but secured their Premiership survival when once it looked an absolute certainty they'd get demoted to the Championship. Miracles, I reflected, do happen.

Muddy was sick a little during the night, thankfully not on my bed, and again in the morning when he threw up everything he'd eaten of the Felix sachet. I decided it would be best if I kept him a few more days and if the vomiting didn't stop get him to vets when they opened on Tuesday morning after the bank holiday weekend. I emailed Victoria telling her this but adding she was still welcome to come and see him if she hadn't changed her mind.

She hadn't and did.

Muddy shied away from her at first and came close to me as I sat on the side of the bed but within a few minutes he began to respond to her. Victoria did get a bit of a surprise when she saw how skinny and furless he was, the photos not having done him justice, but she quickly got over it and was soon taken with him. 

To cut a long story short as we spent some time with him, Victoria still wanted to take him and I was happy that she'd give him a good home. When he goes depends on a couple of things: he manages to keep his food and the blood tests he had at the vets included FIV and FIP.  All being well, he could go with her by mid-week. So, fingers crossed that Muddy's story has a happy end to it.

Jeff's Kittens.
Not much to say about them really. Every day they get cuter and cuter and they have begun to leave the confines of the cat carrier for a few minutes at a time. They're still wobbly on their legs but their eyes are focussed as they concentrate on what's going on around them.

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