Friday, 9 May 2014


No photos either. Not because I haven't been taking any but because my desktop is still acting up (see previous post). I'm taking it to the repair shop this morning but I've a feeling I'm going to need a new one which will involved a load of hassle transferring data and settings and replacing software and the horror of new passwords and all that crap.

Muddy now seems well on the way to recovery and is eating moderately well, though he prefers the special and expensive convalescent cat food from the vets. He also likes cat milk a lot which is fine in limited quantities but not as a substitute for water and is also expensive. Barring any lapses. I'm taking him to his new long-term fosterers tomorrow which I'm hoping will work out. I'll take him back any time if it doesn't and, to be honest, I'm going to miss him.

The kittens are well into exploring the conservatory and actively playing with each other. They're also into the still wobbly adorable impossibly cute bundles of fluff stage which precedes the less adorable wreck everything in sight they can get their claws into stage. I'm handling them regularly so they no longer react in the scream! it's the giant hands again! phase and don't mind being picked up. I'm pretty certain they're going to be properly socialised by the time it comes to make them available for homing in about four weeks. Anybody want to come and view them with an eye to reserving one or more?

On the re-homing front, Kiki was re-homed last Sunday, new arrivals Angelica and Rasputin are reserved, and I'm showing a couple around at lunchtime today which will hopefully result in an adoption.

All being well, by the next post all computer problems will be  resolved, there'll be lots of cute kitten photos and more good re-homing news.

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