Saturday, 17 May 2014


Warning: this post contains d-o-g-s.

Don't ask me when Barnes Park was first opened. I could find out but can't be bothered to look it up. I can tell you that the playing field, including the surrounding trees, has remained unchanged since I used it as child, either to play in throughout my childhood (I lived not far away) or walk through it to get to Bede Grammar School via the back gate from 1959-1966. I haven't, however, been there in a couple of decades and can't remember the last time but the park itself remains a nice place. 

The dog show was a modest affair, only a handful of stalls, one belonging to Animal Krackers, and a show that didn't last all that long -it was all over by 12.30. Still, those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves, the people as well. See for yourself.

 AK's table
Me with Sam, a canine friend of Susan's.

Susan and Sam
A dog rescued by AK with his new owner 


Sam failing to place in the Friendliest Dog Section.

Post Script.
I stayed about 45 minutes then went home. After pottering about in the house for a little while, the phone rang. An enquiry: have you got any cats for re-homing? Duh! Does the Pope say mass? Are  kittens the cutest things on the face of the planet? I told them where it was, they got lost (not unusual) but still turned up. A nice chatty couple with a nice chatty 9yr old or thereabouts granddaughter. Oh yes, I thought, very suitable. Sometimes you just know people are right as soon as you see them. They took Tink, a nice ginger boy. The granddaughter, after first wanting Bruce a big black boy, approved.

Altogether, what with getting a couple of packets from Amazon (book and DVD), quite a nice morning. Plus it was warm and sunny which always helps.

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