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I'm going to see Godzilla tomorrow. For some reason that feels appropriate. (Apropos of nothing, I just love monster movies, always have. But that's a topic for a different blog.)

Yesterday I decided to give Gilgamesh the ocicat a chance to interact with my other cats so I left the bedroom door open. After a while I went upstairs to see what was happening. Nothing much as it turned out. Gilgamesh was sitting on the armchair, Aelfric, Emma, and Tilly were sitting in other parts of the room. All quiet so I went back downstairs.

But not for long as, moments later I heard a lot of loud howling. I raced back up to find Burnside ripping the holy crap out of Gilgamesh. Grey fur was flying and Burnside was on top of him, going at him with teeth and claws. I grabbed him off the smaller cat and even then he tried to get back until I threw a box of cat food in his direction, but not at him, just near enough to give him a scare; which it did.

I'm afraid that was it for me and Burnside. I decided it was time for him to go to the re-homing centre at Ferry Farm. This had always been a distinct possibility and he had been on the re-homing list for a few weeks. The possibility of keeping Gilgamesh didn't really enter into it as, although I'd like to, I'm still very much unsure of how he's going to get on with the others. To be honest, as I usually am in this blog, even at my own expense, I've been getting somewhat stressed out by the number of cats I have in the house. I'd already decided to send Aoife there. She doesn't like other cats and I think she'd be happier in a home without any (or kids come to that, as she proved when she was briefly re-homed last year. I'm also thinking about the two young females, Emma and Tilly, who could go in a pen together but I'm still not quite decided on that.

Monday morning and I packed up Aoife and Gilgamesh in separate cat carriers -of course, as having them together would be both unthinkable and incredibly stupid. Aoife was to have her first flu jab and be checked out mainly because of a flea allergy which has left certain areas covered in small scabs; Gilgamesh to be checked out, given his first flu jab and scanned. Aoife's check went pretty much as expected, but Gilgamesh wasn't micro-chipped which surprised me given he's of a special breed and Wendy the vet put him at the same age as Aoife -five, older than I expected.

All done, I went home and had to decide whether or not to have a coffee or take Burnside to Ferry Farm. Anyone who knows me will realise I opted for the coffee. I was just about to get my bum into gear when my next door neighbour called with an Amazon parcel (a 3kg bag of Purina pro-plan delicate optirenal turkey flavour dried food which is very popular with all my cats) and Burnside got out.

That happened before, a few days after I got him (see appropriate post for details) and I expected him to behave the same as he did then which was to hare off up the road and disappear. Instead he ran into the middle of the road, stopped, then ran into my neighbour's front garden where he stopped again and didn't move until I picked him up. Which proved that he'd settled in my house more than I realised but, sorry B, too little too late. I took him to Ferry Farm (where an observant visitor pointed out I had a bleb on my passenger side front tyre), left him there and proceeded to pay fifty quid for a new tyre to be fitted at a garage.


So, lunch (yesterday's leftovers), potter on the computer, then nap. 

I woke up at a quarter to three and went downstairs to try and sort out some computer problems (see recent post) when the phone rang, answered it, got back to the computer, phone rang, repeat several times.

Could you take my two cats as I'm moving in a few days. No, not enough notice. Need flu jabs, two three weeks apart.

Hello, I've been looking after a poorly stray cat and been getting help from Feline Friends. Would you possibly be able to re-home her? This was a longish chatty and friendly conversation with a genuine animal lover which covered several possibilities, but I definitely could take the cat after it had the flu jabs. I said I'd like to call in and see the cat, probably later this week. The lady and her daughter lived at Fulwell on the other side of the river.

Skinny stray and pregnant cat hanging about and abandoned house with broken back door. I said I'd meet the caller and check it out around five. She later rang back to say she thought she'd traced to someone who lived very nearby who had several cats, kittens, and dogs in the back lane. I didn't like the sound of that, took the details and called the RSPCA. They may or may not tell me if they do anything or not.

Volunteer dog walking? Referred to Phil.

I'm going back to Italy in two days can you take this stray friendly un-neutered male cat? Argh! Crap! Very Rude words! (Thought, not spoken.) Thinks: I could put in the shed in a cat cage. Argh! Crap! More rude words! Yes, I'll come and get it now and haven't I enough rude word on my plate without getting into this? So I did. In the car I rang the vets and asked if I could drop the cat off for neutering and first flu jab tomorrow. Yes, I could. Good. And did. And here he is. (Mind you, I think he's as much a stray as Gilgamesh is.)

Our vets is at Southwick on the other side of the river and only a mile and a bit from where the lady with the poorly stray cat lived. I rang her and asked if I could visit a bit sooner than I'd expected. I could and did.

Very nice people with four other cats and an elderly ailing scotty dog. The nervous cat, only two years old, was being kept in a very large cat carrier. The carrier was behind furniture and placed so I could only just touch the poor cat. I didn't seem very strong and had large patches bare of fur. 

There's no question we'll help where we can. We had a good conversation of the kind that only kindred spirits can in that we both knew where we coming from and I think they felt reassured, though, as I was told several times, they were very appreciative of the help given by Gillian of Feline Friends. And, if she or anyone from FF is reading this, I don't want to tread on their toes and take over their work. I'm offering support if it's needed. Either way, I felt there was a good contact made today.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll pick up the other cat from the vets and we'll see what happens then.

Post Script.

For fans of Jeff's kittens, they are thriving. I saw one eating dried kitten food today. The ginger one is turning into a gorgeous fluffy bundle. And they zoom around the conservatory playing with each other. Absolute joy to watch and handle.

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