Friday, 2 May 2014


No you haven't got the wrong blog. This is not a post about that legendary giant of the Blues of whom I am a fan. It's about the cat I was called out about earlier this week -see the recent post. Having named the oldish stray ginger cat I'd taken in about three weeks ago after rough tough bluesman RL Burnside, I decided to name this poor dilapidated old soul after one as well. Given that his fur is grey and somewhat the colour of mud, it wasn't exactly a great stretch to name him as I did. It'll probably get shortened to Mud as did Muddy's -real name, McKinley Morganfield.

Now we've got that sorted, let me tell you about my  Muddy Waters.

After spending the first night on a drip, he pulled round to start eating properly and his bowels seemed normal, though dried food made him sick. Apart from a slightly poor reading on his kidneys which was probably due to dehydration, his blood tests came up fine. He's also about 14-15 years old so his best years are behind him but that doesn't stop me wanting to provide him with a decent quality of life for however long he has left which could be as many as five though I'd be surprised if lives as much as another two. All the matted clumps of fur were shaved off.

I brought him home from the vets this morning and put him in a -borrowed from the shop- large guinea pig cage which, surprisingly, is bigger that the cat cage I have in that there is ample space for the litter tray, his bedding, and food and water with a little room to spare. Talking of little room to spare, he's had to go in my bedroom which is actually about the same size as my living room but with less clutter. 

Initial impressions of his character are very favourable. Inevitably Aelfric was the first to want to say hello. Muddy, rather than hiss or spit, just sniffed him back. A few other of the cats arrived and didn't appear to disturb Muddy in any way. When I opened the cage up he didn't attempt to escape and seemed to like me stroking him. If this is typical of him I doubt he'll be in the cage for very long.

I will be putting him on the cats needing home list but I'm really going to be looking for a long-term fosterer and Animal Krackers will pay for any vets bills, which they'd do anyway if I kept him as a foster-cat here., but he'd be better off in a house with fewer cats.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos below, a combination of brightness, cage bars, and Muddy constantly moving. And me being a crap photographer never helps much.

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