Thursday, 15 May 2014


By teatime yesterday I decided the bandage around my finger was more trouble than it was worth and took it off. The puncture wounds were small anyway and were healing well. My finger, however, remained swollen and very painful. and today, two days later, it remained swollen and quite painful when I tried to bend it. I'd checked the day before that my tetanus shot was up to date which, as I knew it would be, it was. Got six years to go before I need another.

Late afternoon today I had to go to the dentist to have my, following a tooth removal and a mold taken, new denture fitted. The appointment was at 5 but, because of all the anticipated rush hour traffic, I left early only to find that the heavy traffic wasn't so, to kill a little time, I called in at the vets, which involved only a slight detour, to book in a couple of cats for first flu jab and checkup. Chatting to Sue the receptionist, I told her about, and showed, her my swollen finger. She was surprised I hadn't been given any antibiotics and really thought I should. 

So, after having my improved denture fitted, I called in at A&E on the way home. They sent me to the minor injuries clinic round the corner where I was quickly seen and given antibiotics. The nurse practitioner was really surprised I hadn't been given any in the first place. The total time involved from arriving at the vets, going to the dentists, and getting my pills, was a grand total of 80 minutes which wasn't bad. 

After two days I've now gotten to know my new arrival, the beautiful spotted grey cat, quite well. First off, she's a he. Secondly, while affectionate, he gently employs teeth and claws in displaying this affection. Thirdly, when left alone he can be quite vocal, for a while at least. Fourthly and obviously, he likes as much attention as he can get. Fifthly, two people I know think he's a Bengal. Sixthly, when I've checked on Google Images, he looks to me like an Ocicat -the spots are very different from a Bengal but the stripes and spots match an Oci. I'll see if the vet has any idea when I take him on Monday.

Correction: it was a medicinal shot of Jim Beam and not Jack Daniels on Tuesday night. These differences are important to people who like their bourbon. Check out George Thoroughgood's song I Drink Alone which namechecks his drink of choice. Incidentally when I asked the nurse-practitioner if it was okay to drink with the antibiotics, he said that I could but they advised against it. I'll take that as a yes.

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