Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This post begins where the previous ended. So if you haven't read that one, then...

Trip 1.
Off I went to check out this stray cat which, I'd been informed on the phone, was surely some pedigree breed. Yeah, sure I thought, heard that one before. Luckily the house I was going to was only a couple of minutes drive away. I say luckily as the finger which had been savaged by the cat a couple of hours earlier was getting quite painful.

Anyway, I went in with the cat carrier and saw the cat and I said out loud, "Breathtaking." She is simply one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen in the flesh and the photos below don't do her justice.

They really are poor quality but it was a bit of a rush job as I wanted to get this post done now.

She also turned out to be a very friendly and affectionate animal. Initially putting her in the cage in my bedroom, I let her out when I went to bed and she spent most of the night sprawled across the pillow next to me.

Whether or not she is a special breed or just an unusual tabby, I'm not sure. I'll take a decent photo and put it upon Facebook.

Meanwhile I called in on Susan, just round the corner and on my way home, to ask her advice on my throbbing finger and show off the cat. Needless to say Susan told me to go to A&E where I'd have to wait for hours. She also thought the cat was gorgeous.

Trip 2.
After putting the cat in the cage, I rang the hospital for advice and they told me to go to the Grindon Health Centre which deals with the less serious cases. By the time I got there my finger was getting even more painful and got worse the whole time I was in the place -which wasn't much more than twenty minutes during which time I saw two different nurses -one for assessment and the other for treatment.

And the treatment? This-

There are iodine pads underneath in case there's any infection and I have to leave it on for two days before changing it. I've also got to contact my doctor to check my tetanus shots are up to date, which I'm pretty sure they are.

Needless to say, this is making life a little difficult as I'm effectively one and a half handed and I have to be really careful about how I use my left hand -there's one thing I can think about which could be quite tricky. Keeping it dry is also a problem and so is picking things up. It's also slowed down my typing as I'm reduced to only using the middle finger on my left hand -the right, of course, is fine- when normally I'd use all of them.

At this minute (7.44am), my finger still hurts when I try and move it and I'm feeling rather tired, something to do with a bit of a restless night caused by liberal and medicinal use of alcohol (a large shot of Jack Daniels and three glasses of white wine), the finger and a new cat on the bed. Think I'll try for a nap before I go out for my coffee morning.

Bloody cats.

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