Thursday, 1 May 2014


They still aren't venturing beyond the bounds of their cat carrier home but they're beginning to actually look at things so it won't be long before they do. They've also begun consciously interacting with each other, licking and biting, Jeff now actually seeks out my knee and will sit there purring contentedly. 

They almost got some companions as I've just picked up a cat and her newly born kittens from a lady who found them in her outhouse but Andrea's taken them.

Tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest, expect a more lengthy post about the distressed grey cat featured in the previous post. By then it will be in a cage in my bedroom.

On Saturday I'll be bidding a tearful goodbye to Dusty the six-month old kitten-cat, who started out as a little monster but quickly became the sweetest cuddle-loving kitten-cat I've ever known, when he goes to his new home. I told the nice young couple who're taking him that I'd have him back any time. Really, any time!

For now, freshly-taken cute 20-day old kitten photos.

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