Saturday, 17 May 2014


This is the cat I took in on Tuesday evening and took rather poor pictures of. These are a little bit better.

A couple of people think he's a Bengal but I've checked and his spots are very different. He most resembles an Ocicat. Here's a photo of one from Google Images. See what you think.

And here are some more of mine.

If he isn't an Ocicat he's a moggy who looks exactly like one.

I've called him Gilgamesh because he has a regal look to him and an almost archetypal Egyptian cat face (and, yes, I know, Gilgamesh wasn't an Egyptian but from Ur, I think, which is in the neighbourhood so stop being picky). He's also incredibly friendly, loves, nay, demands affection, likes sleeping next to me and seems to hate other cats on sight so, unless things change, I can't see me keeping him.

He's off to the vet on Monday for a check and first flu jab. Also a scan to see if he's chipped.  More later.

Just a couple of kitten photos.

Or four.

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