Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Less than an hour ago I got a call about an injured cat. The people who found it couldn't take it in because of a dog. As I still had the large low cage, I sighed heavily and told them okay, they could bring it round.

I really didn't know what to expect but ten minutes later a man, woman and teenage girl turned up on my doorstep with a small tortoiseshell cat in a carrier. The people turned out to be very nice genuine animal lovers. The cat turned out to be friendly and not as injured as I was expecting, minor at worst and I'll take it to the vets first thing in the morning. Haven't really had a close look at it yet but it seems a nice little thing. My guess is it's female and about a year old.

Once I know the state of it I'll put notices in the shop and post office to try and find its owner though I suspect it'll end up at our re-homing centre.

Apologies for the poor photos. Better ones and an update tomorrow.

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Awww I can well see that she's a little darling and thank goodness you were able to help her to safety.

Thank goodness as well for the kind caring people that brought her to you - how the world could use so many more of them.