Thursday, 26 June 2014


1. Dog Rescuing, Sunderland.

Sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

As I was at the vets with the little cat I took in last night (see below) and still had cat food in my boot from when I collected it at Asda yesterday, it only made sense to drop it off at Carole's who lives just up the road.
The moment I opened the boot a young boxer came up to me and wanted to be friendly so I made a brief fuss of it and opened Carole's gate so I could carry the cat food up to her back door. Only the dog got in there first. 

Five minutes later I was back at the vets, this time with Carole and the boxer on a spare lead she had handy. Wendy the vet scanned the dog and -ping! ping! ping! ping!- hurrah! it was chipped.We left it with Wendy to sort out.

If I hadn't decided on the spur of the moment to call at Carole's and got there just when I did, anything could have happened to the dog. Here it is. (And they are Carole's legs, not mine!)

2.1 Cat rescuing, Sunderland.

I still can't get a decent photo of the cat I took in last night.

Wendy found a lump I'd noticed on her right hind leg and decided to keep her in and take an X-ray of it. She also confirmed my initial impression that the cat was about a year old. It also had a chipped canine. I've got to ring back early this afternoon -it's noon as I'm typing this- and will put an update at the end of this post about what's happening to her.

2.2 Cat rescuing, Sunderland.

On the way back home I called in on Susan (my ex, for new readers) to drop off the dog food which had occupied the rest of my boot space and she told me that there was a cat upstairs in our charity shop which I'd have to drive past anyway so I stopped and called in to check it out.

I know absolutely nothing about the cat except that it is young, maybe a year and a bit, it's black and white, and it's very very friendly; also it's the mother of the kittens Andrea re-homed and she brought it in. It's also another bloody cat that won't stay still so I can take a decent photo. (I refuse to countenance the idea that I'm rubbish at taking photos, all evidence to the contrary).

Post Script.

Just rang the surgery and Wendy found a metal pin surgically implanted in the cat's leg which has become dislodged or something. Anyway, I'm picking her up later, about four-ish, as I have to be over that way anyway to go to my dentist to pick up my modified denture, and then it's off to Ferry Farm when, hopefully, Gilgamesh the ocicat will be adopted.

And on top of that I've got another problem. Just got a call from a lady with special needs who took a cat from us several years ago but has now gone into sheltered accommodation where other residents keep tripping over the cat. The problem being that there's no accommodating, sheltered or otherwise, for the cat right now. I said I'd call round next week but I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

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