Thursday, 26 June 2014


I was at the re-homing centre late this afternoon when I re-homed Gilgamesh the ocicat with two nice young women and met Sox who just arrived yesterday. I've already put him on the cats for re-homing list but I wanted to bring him to your attention because I'll be surprised if he's here for long. He is very pretty, smallish, cute and very friendly, a really lovely little thing and these photos, which aren't bad by my feeble standards, don't do him justice. If you want a young cat but not a kitten, I'd say Sox was perfect.

Incidentally, the cat with the pin in its leg is back home with me now. Wendy thinks the pin could probably be removed but can't legally do anything until I've had her a week. Hopefully she'll be back with her owners by then. Unlikely, but it does happen sometimes.

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