Tuesday, 17 June 2014


And there they are. From top to bottom, or left to right (same thing):  
Fifi, Rikki, Aelfric, Lily, and Emma. 

That is it. No more. I am having no more cats in this house. Well, except maybe the odd mother and tiny kittens in the conservatory, at a pinch, if it's desperate. But otherwise, no chance. I meant it. Seriously.

I had Rikki at the vets yesterday because it looked like the stitches in his eyes were coming loose. Wendy removed them easily enough resulting in an immediate improvement in his appearance. His eyes are still swollen but I expect that will change fairly soon. Here, have a closer look.

And while you're here, have a look at some other photos I took at the same time.

It's pretty clear that Rikki has settled in and that the other cats aren't bothered about him being here. He's not friends with them yet but he's only been in the house since last Thursday -five days in total- so he's still settling in. It may take a couple of months but I'll be surprised if he doesn't end up cuddling with the three on bed above. He's a nice quiet and affectionate cat and I'm very fond of him already.

As for Jeff's kittens, two are going tomorrow, another is reserved, which leaves only the black and white one from the other litter (see the Cats Needing Homes list for details). I had that one and his brother at the vets yesterday because their two homed brothers had been taken there by their new owner and diagnosed with worms. Although my two hadn't noticably suffered from diarrhea I thought it best to get them checked and Wendy prescribed a wormer for them, all of them which I'm currently giving them. Also gave Jeff a worming tablet to be on the safe side.

Talking of Jeff, the student I got her from still wants her when she's settled. I had expected to hear from her last week but didn't. If the student (now ex-student) changes her mind then I'll have to find a new home for her.

Unless I keep her.

What? I know what I said above but you don't know Jeff. She's a beautiful cat, seems okay with the others, and is very friendly. I'm not saying I will keep her but it's very tempting. I mean 5 cats, 6 cats, there's not much difference really. But I'm only keeping her as the last resort. Well, second resort to be accurate. See for yourself -a nice natured cat like this is hard to resist.

Well if you're going to be like that about it...

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