Saturday, 14 June 2014


Rikki is proving to be a very loving cat. He seems to have down quickly to life in my bedroom. When I enter the room he gets up, comes to me and pretty much demands that I make a fuss of him. After initially curling up under a small stool or in a secluded corner, he now spends most of the time on my bed.

Yesterday I allowed a brief encounter with Aelfric resulting in a touching of noses for several seconds. Today the same thing happened only four times in the space of a minute or so. It's clear they're sizing each other up with the conclusion so far that the other isn't a threat. I took my camera upstairs and tried to repeat it to get a photo of the two together but Rikki stayed unmoving on the bed while Aelfric wandered round and Emma ate the rest of the sachet of food he'd left.

I'm cautiously hopeful that he'll be staying here.

As for the three I moved on to the re-homing centre, I've just received an email from one of our cat cuddlers who is very taken with all of them.

I'm trying to wean the kittens so that Jeff's milk will dry up and I can get her spayed. It's a gradual process involving letting Jeff out of the conservatory to spend more time in the living room but sooner or later she'll be howling to be let back in with her kittens. The kittens themselves, including the two newcomers, are all thriving on the variety of food I give them but still can't resist the occasional snack from Jeff and that includes the newcomers who are both well integrated with their roomies.

All are now keen to interact with me, in the conservatory at least. Outside in the living room they won't let me touch them but that's more a case of it being a different environment. I'm more than confident that their new owners -two are going to the same person next week leaving three still available- will find them sociable and playful.

Here's what they look like as of this afternoon, starting with Jeff on the settee in the living room, followed by one each of the newbies, and then a mix.

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