Sunday, 22 June 2014


It's been five days since I last posted anything which is starting to make me feel twitchy as I've already exceeded my post total for about three previous years already and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. But the simple truth is that I only post something when I feel I've got something to write about or new photos to show. But basically nothing much has happened in the last few days.

Dawn at Ferry Farm Kennels, where our re-homing centre is based, re-homed Frank, one of the three cats I moved from my house a couple of weeks ago. I've had a very strong expression of interest in Gilgamesh the ocicat but I've heard nothing from the lady for three days now. This morning I inducted a couple of new cat cuddlers -two teenage girls- who seem very nice and intend to come along regularly during the summer holidays which will be good for the cats.

Rikki the cat in poor condition -see previous post- is definitely settling in well. After ten days he's used to the other cats and they him and there's no friction that I can tell. Emma the youngest cat (about 9 months) seems to want to be friends with him. So, even though it's early days, the signs are good. He still mostly stays upstairs even though I only now lock him in the bedroom when I feed him -so the others won't steal his food. He's also looking a lot better.

A couple of days ago I took possession of a stray kitten. I got a call from a young woman who lives just a couple of hundred yards away down the road. She described it as being about four months old which, in my experience, could mean a lot older. In fact it might even be a month younger that. She would have taken it in but one of her cats wasn't keen. I put it in with the others where it's settled happily. I think it had only been lost overnight and I put notices in our shop window and at the local post office. Much to my surprise I haven't been contacted yet. It seems perfectly healthy, playful, and used to people. If it's still here in two weeks I'll put it up for re-homing. You might notice that I haven't described it or included a photo. That's because it isn't unheard of for people to claim kittens that aren't theirs, so I want a description and, ideally, a photo before I relinquish it.

One of Jeff's kittens has gone provisionally to a new home dependent on how well it gets on with the couple's nervous one year old female. Two others are reserved pending their new owners coming back from their holidays in mid-July. That leaves me with one black and white kitten which has improved from a bit of a quiet runt into a lively normal kitten.

Barring the unexpected which can always be expected to happen, it looks like this week will also be a quiet one. You'd think I'd be glad of the break.

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