Monday, 30 June 2014


I've finally managed to take a couple of acceptable, but still not remotely near anything approaching good, photos of the young tortoiseshell female I took in last Wednesday. So far no response to the notices I put in the Animal Krackers and Post Office shop windows. No response to those for the four month old kitten I took in ten days ago and who is now up for re-homing. 

The torty is absolutely delightful. She loves cuddles and responds by rubbing her wet nose against my face. She's fine with other cats and likes her food. I'll try and get her properly checked out at the vets on Thursday by which time I'm legally responsible for her, though I won't put her up for adoption for another week just in case her owners are on holiday and haven't seen either of the notices. She's another one I'd love to keep but I won't because it's not fair on the other cats to have too many in the house.

Don't know what it is about tortys but it's very difficult to get a decent photo of them and I'm not saying that because I'm a rude word awful photographer. Something about their colouration. All bar one of the photos below were taken within minutes of each other (and not that many minutes ago either) and all with my phone but one of the cats is photogenic and the other isn't.

The stray (abandoned?) kitten I can now reveal as ginger and white. He's fitted in perfectly with the others, with Jeff, and with my cats. He's lively, playful, and friendly, just like all the other kittens. I suppose it's still possible that his owners are on holiday which is why I'll leave the notices in the shops up another week, but if anyone wants him before then....

And that, unless something unexpected happens, is the last post of the month.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! (Both of them, but especially the kitten. I'll put that down to being photogenic!)