Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I was due to take a cat to Roker Park Vets around 9.30 but Carol got a lift. This was fortunate as Andrea needed a lift in the van with one of our Elderly Helpers to take said EH and her rescued dog to Vets4Pets at Fulwell. Andrea, as usual, was accompanied by her dog Millie and the recently acquired 3-legged dog Benjy (whose story will be told in this blog sometime). EH's dog Emma was recently acquired, not young, and has arthritis which seemed to flare up  the day before hence the visit today. Emma is friendly but noisy when other dogs are around.

At V4P I made friends with an 18 month black female pug which sat on my knee frantically trying to lick my face. Emma was given more drugs and I dropped them all off at the nearby seafront so they could take the dogs along the beach for a nice walk.

In the afternoon I went to pick up the cat, the one I rescued from Seaham last week (see post). Her fur was very matted and needed large chunks shaving off. She seems otherwise in good condition, been spayed, and  is extremely friendly. However, Wendy the vet pointed out that she has lump underneath a nipple and needs an operation which will cost around £225 including biopsy. I rang Susan who, after some discussion with Andrea and talking to Wendy, agreed we'd have it done. As if we could have done anything else.

Back home, Susan and I had just got settled in when there was a phone call. A timid rottweiler which has been roaming the nearby Hendon area for the last three months has been caught today and taken in. I went to the shop to pick up bedding and food and then off to see the lady who wasn't at her house but a few streets away looking after her mother who has Alzheimers. I took her home to drop off the food and bedding but didn't see the dog, which was cowering in a kennel, then  took her back to her mother whom she visits several times a day. She thinks she knows a couple of people who might give the dog a home but we're going to get it thoroughly checked out at the vets first.

Tracy rang later wanting a neutering voucher. Then I had my tea and went to the pub with Ian P.

Today should be a quiet day for me on the animal front, but Susan has just woken up and doesn't feel very well so I might have to do her run to South Shield to pick up a dog and take it to Stray Aid in Durham.

So it goes.

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