Saturday, 20 March 2010


This is Florence, the one that had been hanging around a Seaham factory site with some ferals which, luckily for Florence, were being fed by a lady I've helped before. She realised Florence was different because she was friendly and contacted me. Her fur was in a terrible mess so we booked her in to be part-shaved. She now looks like a badly cut long-haired poodle if it was a cat. Like the photo only with chunks of fur missing.

Unluckily for Florence, the vet found a lump under one of her nipples so she had a partial mastectomy and the lump sent away for analysis. The lump turned out to be malignant which means that it might be spreading or that it might reoccur in the same place. If it doesn't happen again then there is a good chance she will have to be put to sleep.

Luckily for Florence, she isn't going to spend what may be her last few months stuck in a shed with several other cats. Rachel, who took in Lester (also possibly with not much time left, see earlier posts), has taken Florence. I brought her round this morning where Florence showed what a lovely natured friendly cat she is. Rachel is doing a wonderful job fostering older cats with a limited outlook -one just died recently, making space for Florence- giving them a caring comfortable home for their remaining time with us. Long may she continue to do so.

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