Monday, 1 March 2010


Erm, sorry, that should read:

Had a trip out in the van. First off to a tower block not far from the mouth of the Wear to pick up a cat from a tearful owner who felt guilty about it being stuck in a tiny flat which, being 12 floors up, it couldn't really jump out of the window. Then to Carol's to pick up two more -a mother and daughter- and take all three to Tracy's rescue at Burnhope (see earlier posts).

The cat in the photo is one she rescued recently and, as you can see, has just been neutered.

It took me longer to get through than I expected. From Carol's it was a little hop to the A19 and a turnoff at the second junction. Exception it was closed, so I had a few more miles to the next one and head across country before I could get onto the A690 for Durham. Once out of Durham on country roads, I hit a succession of slow moving traffic. I'm not complaining really as Tracy had told me she might not be there due to a vet's appointment. As things turned out she arrived just before I did.

I met her two donkeys and a large horse for the first time but stupidly didn't think to take any photos and then my battery went dead after taking some of the cats.
This is the kitten's mother and very friendly she is too. I couldn't get a decent photo of her kitten.

This is the one from the tower block. Never met another cat and nervous of strangers. The next photos are of cats already in residence and wanting homes.

This cat is a delightful character, full of life.
And lastly we have Little Bastard, as in, "You bloody bit me, you little bastard." He's been re-homed and returned three times. Not suprised.

Tracy was in a better mood than the last time I'd been up to Burnhope just before Christmas. A dog and horse had just died, cats weren't being re-homed and she had financial worries. Since then things have picked up including the re-homing. Animal Krackers is, after talking to Cats Protection and the vet she uses, sending her neutering vouchers as she needs them and the  Consett-based vet is charging significantly less than we do in Sunderland partly because Tracy is such a good customer.

Been fairly quiet since then. Saturday morning I did my usual trip to Asda to buy cat food for Carol which I then took over to her. That afternoon she managed to rehome three cats which is pretty good, though two more arrived.

Sunday morning I went to see Lilian to check on the cat and bring her a bag of wood chip cat litter which is about the easiest to clean and lasts a while. She'd phoned Saturday about something, can't remember what though. Ah yes, the cat doesn't stop eating. Simple answer: don't give her as much to eat. I rememinded Lilian: a sachet and half in the morning and the same at night, a bowl of dried food always available, and a bowl of water. I'd also brought up a mini hi-fi system she's bought at the shop and was afraid I'd get lumbered setting it up but didn't. In a couple of weeks time, I let the cat out and stay to see what happens. I think the cat will be okay as she seems quite happy but takes no nonsense -i.e. tummy tickle equals Lilian getting bitten. she'll get the poor soul trained eventually.

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