Sunday, 7 March 2010


Different way to spend Sunday. We had a meeting with Lynn and Mary of Pawz4Thought. Although Lynn was the mainstay of P4W, it's now very much under the aegis of Mary who also voluntarily  rescues stranded seals and keeps them housed, away from the public, temporarily on the Blue Reef Aquarium site, hence the meeting being there. When Mary took the reins it (the charity) was weeks away from going under.

The purpose of the meeting was to see what we (that is, Animal Krackers) could learn from Mary and to look at ways we could be of mutual help. What we discussed is, for the moment, confidential but it was an interesting and valuable meeting which left us taking a fresh look at what we are doing as a charity. Us, in this case, was me and Susan. Originally I wasn't even down to go but then Anne our Treasurer dropped out because a friends from Australia was visiting, Andrea went sick, and Gordon had a last minute something to do. 

The meeting was held upstairs from the cafe in a roped off section (presumably open during the busier summer months) and then in area where Mary houses the seals. Sadly she didn't have any when we were there but we did have to walk through much of the aquarium to get to it. Apart from seeing the inhabitants of various tanks, we passed through the otter area where it was feeding time and the bred-in-captivity seals' tank. Fascinating and delightful and we (Susan and I) are definitely going again and  will also spend some time at Tynemouth to walk along the shore (a very attractive area I haven't been to for decades) and, no doubt, go shopping.

I haven't been overly busy since the last posting. I took the cat (now named Florence) for its mastectomy at Roker Park vets on Friday and it's currently recovering well. Just waiting now for the results of the biopsy.

Let's see what happens the rest of this week.

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